REBORN BABY "AMAZONIA" inspired in amazonian indigenous tribe

from Gannet sculpted by AK Kitagawa

Ltd Edition - COA 198/450

Please keep in mind that my art dolls are not toys so are not suitable for children. Amazonia is an unique and unrepeatable piece and has to be handle with care.




Amazonia is  painted with Geneis Heat Paints.  I apply many fine layer of paint to give the skintone depth and realism. I always work for the best and natural result in my ethnic and albino babies. Amazonia is  delicatly painted complexion wit slight mottling, veining,  wet areas,  capillaires,rash, birth marks, rash, little scratch, cute moles, strategic hyperpigmentation skin spot, hand painted    tribal bodypainting... And every details has been shaded and bright places.  The finish is a varnish protection and a texture medium to increase real skin appearence. A complex set of nuances that print realism to her skin. Her nostrils have been shaded.

Painting Effects:

-Hand painted Tribal bodypainting:  The body painting is inspired by the Amazonian tribes . I chose  very basic geometric figures of great beauty for their simplicity and their irregular and childish points and lines. These details are sealed, resealed and more than sealed but I still recommend taking care of these areas because they are raised motifs.


This time I decided to add an upper half torso and It is important to keep in mind that, although this piece creates a beautiful effect, it makes the upper area of the baby keep more stiff. The upper half  torso is not an original part of the kit, it was chosen by me as an extra piece since its measurements and volume were adapted to the harmony of the kit. If in the future,  you want to enjoy the  docility of Amazonia without the upper half torso, just cut the zip ties of the head and the arms, remove the half torso and  refill the cloth body with fiber fill  until you get the balance that you wish. After this, reassemble the head and arms to the fabric body with new zip ties.

HAIR:  Microrooting High Quality Black silky mohair My Treasure´s Hair and double sealed.

EYELASHES: Black silk mohair double sealed.

EYEBROWS: Handpainted


Amazonia  has 1  strong magnet in the mouth for magnetic pacifier so please keep away from heart pacemakers and electronic equipment. I can remove the magnet if needed.



White Camisole and cover diaper vintage style & Cotton flower headband 

Cute outfit: romper,  bonnet and tiny pillow

Ethnic strips skirt in color blue and felt strips headband

Extra ethnic strips skirt in color brown and green and headband

Ethnic headband


Magnetic pacifier

   Receiving  wrap  or spanish shawl by my election


Latidos Reborn Care Instruction

Latidos Reborn Birth Certificate

COA 198 /450

*Props, blankets, wraps, cotton flower, bibs, toys... you see in the photos are not included.

My babies are reborn at the seaside and they all are painted and photographed with natural light. Coloring wraps and props  can project different nuances in the skin tone but this is the idea: to show to my clients how  my skin tone adapt to the different lighting and colors.   Also coloring and brightness can vary depending on the screen of your personal computer.

This photos have been taken in a variety of natural lighting conditions and different days (from sunny to cloudy) to show the changes  of  Amazonia´s  skin tones and her volumes. 

*   I usually  use magnets so if you have any problem with it  you need notify  to me to take it off.

Tono de piel: Amazónica Tribal

Peso aprox:  3,100 Kg

Medida: 50 cm

Brazos y piernas completos

Pinturas: Genesis

Pelo: My Treasure´s Hair

Pestañas: Silk mohair

Imanes: 1 Boca

Cuerpo de tela

Medio torso superior

Ojos de cristal alemán en color marrón

Manicura de apariencia natural

Skin tone: Amazonian Tribe                                             

Weight: about  6lb 13oz                                                                            Lenght:20´´                                                                   

Full arms and Legs                                                       

Painting: Genesis                                                           

Hair: My Treasure´s Hair

Bodypainting: tribal motif       

Eyelashes: Curly silk mohair                                                         

Magnets: 1 mouth                                                         

Fabric body                                                                     

Half Upper Torso                                         

Brown German glass eyes                                             

Natural appearance manicure