KUMIKO- Fantasy chinese art doll


Mixed kits: head from AnMing sculpted by Ping Lau + limbs from Demi sculpted by Phil Donnelly

AnMing have no COA- Demi has a non numbered generic COA.  

Kumiko is a dainty fantasy art doll inspired in a fragil butterfly. My tender baby is my artistic reflection about babies affected by Epidermolysis bullosa (Butterfly skin disease). Kumiko is my allegorical way to make visible this, rare and hereditary, skin disease. Under this premise, I reborned Kumiko fusing reality and fantasy to express my deep desire that one day, the nature weaves chrysalis of new skin to end the suffering. The baby skin come off with the fragility of a flutter. The slightest rubbing , including dayly actions, can cause injuries, blisters, skin shedding and a lot of pain

Kumiko es una delicada fantasía inspirada en una frágil mariposa. Kumiko es mi reflexión artística sobre los bebés afectados por la Epidermólisis bullosa (Piel de mariposa). Kumiko es mi forma alegórica de expresar mi más sincero apoyo para visibilizar esta enfermedad, rara y hereditaria, de la piel. Bajo esta premisa renací a Kumiko fusionando en ella realidad y fantasía para simbolizar en ella mi profundo deseo de que un día, la naturaleza teja crisálidas de piel nueva para poner fin al sufrimiento que causa esta enferdad ya que la piel se desprende con la fragilidad de un aleteo. El más leve roce incluidas las acciones cotidianas pueden causarles lesiones, ampollas, desprendimientos de piel y mucho dolor.


* Please keep in mind that Kumiko is not a toy, She is not suitable for childrens and have to be handle delicately. 


Kumiko    is  a dainty chinese buterfly painted with Genesis Heat Paints. I always work for the best and natural result in my ethnic and albino babies. My sweet baby is delicatly painted complexion with slight mottling, capillaries, translucent veining, birth marks, butterfly skin diseases effect, rash, strategic flaky skin effect, capillaires, beauty moles, milk spots, wet areas...  And every details has been shaded and bright places. The finish is a varnish protection and a texture medium to increase real skin appearence.   A complex set of nuances that print realism to her skin. Her nostrils have been shaded.

Painting Effects:

* Butterfly skin disease

* Strategic flaky skin areas

* Beauty Moles

* About fantasy decoration: all the tiny butterfly wings has been made by me attending to the needs of the art concept that I designed for Kumiko. The central idea was to built a design of geometrical superpositions that, on one side fleds from explicit realism and on the other lets glimpse among its transparency the wounds that Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) cause in newborns. The wings are also decorated with capillaires ans small pearls that symbolize the eggs of the new chrysalis. 

*Sobre la decoración de fantasía: Todas las pequeñas alas de mariposa han sido hechas pieza a pieza por mí atendiendo a las necesidades del concepto artístico que diseñé para Kumiko. La idea central era construir un diseño de superposiciones geométicas que, de un lado huyera del realismo explícito y de otro,  permitiera mostrar a través de sus transparencias las heridas provocadas  por la Epidermólisis bullosa (EB). Las alas también están decoradas con capilares y pequeñas perlas que simbolizan los huevos de las nuevas crisálidas.



EYEBROWS: hand painted

NO EYELASHES I avoided any elements that could reduce the protagonism of her innocent little look and her expressionist eyebrows:


Kumiko has been weighted with high-quality and non-toxic materials:  glass beads, polly pellet and premium silicone fiber fill. I only use high quality products to create my babies.

ABOUT THE BACK PLATE: I customized the back plate from a full torso becouse I had the whim to take some zenith photographs of this art doll to decorate my nursery. That is why this piece is NOT INCLUDED. This piece is not suitable for this kit and only serves to make these kind of photographs. If the collector is interested on the back plate, I CAN GIFT IT but is important to make clear that this piece is NOT INCLUDED


Kumiko  has strong magnets so please keep away from heart pacemakers and electronic equipment. I can remove the magnet if needed.

1 magnet in the head to decorate with magnetic hair ornaments

1 magnet in the mouth for magnetic pacifier



* Chinese body & old traditional chinese head wear 

* 1 Cute yellow Kimono & magnetic white butterfly hair ornament

* 1 White body

* 1 Magnetic Pacifier

* 2 Magnetic hair ornaments

* Diaper

* Receiving blanket

* Latidos Reborn Care Instruction

* Latidos Reborn Birth Certificate

* Limbs generic COA 

*NOTE THAT PROPS IN THE PHOTOS ARE NOT INCLUDED -   (Cotton nest decoration,  original tuareg wrap,  feathers, flowers, blanket, bib,toys...)

My babies are reborn at the seaside and they all are painted and photographed with natural light. Coloring wraps and props  can project different nuances in the skin tone but this is the idea: to show to my clients how  my skin tone adapt to the different lighting and colors.   Also coloring and brightness can vary depending on the screen of your personal computer.

This photos have been taken in a variety of natural lighting conditions and different days (from sunny to cloudy) to show the changes  of  Kumiko´s  skin tones and her volumes. 

*   I always use scent wafers so if you have any type of allergy you need notify to take it off. Also if you have any problem with magnets.

Skin tone: Albino   

Weight: 6lb 17oz approx.                                                Lenght: 20´´                                                 

Full arms and Legs 

Fabric body                                                                       Non gender front tummy plate

Painting: Genesis

Eyebrows: hand painted 

Eyes:  Lauscha glass eyes 

Magnets: 1 mouth + 1 head 

Natural appearance manicura   



Tono de piel: Albina 

Peso aprox: 2,800Kg                                            Medida: 50 cm

Brazos y Piernas completos

Cuerpo de tela

Placa delantera no sexada

Pinturas: Génesis                                                 

Cejas: pintadas

Ojos de cristal alemán Lauscha

Imanes: 1 Boca + 1 Cabeza

Manicura de apariencia natural