PROTOTYPE Nº 4 VIVIEN LEIGH  sculpted by Olga Tschenskaja.

I  am very pleased to introduce to you my african-american version prototype Vivien Leigh. A very special reborn toddler sculpture created by the talented Olga Tschenskaja.  This time, Olga took the inspiration on a children's photo of the beloved english actress Vivian-Mary Hartley, known to the world as Vivien-Leigh. The image of Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind" forever remained in the hearts of people, and is a classic of world cinema.

"Thank you so much dear Olga for this amazing sculpture. I am so honored for your confidence in my reborn work.

I have enjoyed  very much reborning  this precious portrait inspired in the legendary beautyness of little Vivien."

Blank kit Vivien Leigh pre-order starst on July 15, 2o18 at 15.00



                                 Skin tone: African-american                                     Tono de piel: Africano-americano

                                  Weight:  11 lb oz approx                                              Peso aprox:  5 Kg                                                 

                                  Lenght: 27´´                                                                   Medida: 68 cm

                                  3/4 legs and Full arms                                                 Piernas 3/4 y Brazos completos

                                  Fabric body                                                                    Cuerpo de tela

                                  Eyes: Mouth Blown Lauscha Glass                            Ojos: Cristal Lauscha soplado artesanalmente

                                  Painting: Genesis                                                          Pinturas: Génesis


                                  Manicura: "just clipped" natural appearance          Manicura apariencia natural de uñas recién cortadas.

                                  No Magnets                                                                    Sin Imanes

                                   Hair: Top Quality Afro Human Hair                         Pelo: Afro Humano de Máxima calidad

                                   & Afro Silk Mohair for hairlines                                y Mohair seda afro

                                   Eyelashes: silk mohair                                                 Pestañas: mohair seda

                                   Eyebrows: hand painted                                              Cejas : Pintadas a mano


                                   Clothing size: 6-9 moths depend on the brand        Talla de ropa: 6-9 meses dependiendo de la marca.

* Please keep in mind that this doll is not a toy. She is not suitable for childrens and has to be handle with care.

Vivien Leigh is now a one-of-a-kind collector's art doll and will never be duplicated the same versión or reproduced like all my other dolls.


Vivien  Leigh is a prototype collectors art doll  painted with ultra fine layers of Genesis Heat Set Paints to create a real look. Vivien has been reborned applying an amply colour palette to give the skin tone depth and realism.  Each layer has been apply to print her a life like multi-dimentional skin tone. There is a wide range of African American skin tones, each with their own unique coloring depending on   bloodline. This time I have opted for a soft   medium categorie fruit of a Caucasian and African union. The result is this  lovely african-american baby girl with  rich tonalities of freckles and blushing cheeks that bring instant life to her  skintone. I always work for the best and natural result in my ethnic and albino babies. Vivien Leigh is delicatly painted complexion and every details has been shaded and bright in the right places. The finish layer is a varnish protection and a texture medium to increase real skin appearence. A complex set of nuances that print realism to her skin. Her nostrils have been shaded.

Painting Effects:

Freckles and 3D beauty moles.

Scratch on naughty girl's knee.


The nails of Vivien have a "just clipped" natural appearance and are very accurate painted and shining slightly like real.


Vivien Leigh has a fabric body. I have weighted with high-quality and non-toxic materials: ultra fine glass beads, granulate vinyl, polly pellet and premium silicone fiber fill. I only use high quality products to create my babies.

You can see in some pictures that Vivien Leigh can stand without using a doll  stand support. Vivien's body is balanced so that she can adopt different poses. I never used   doll  stand to keep her standing, I just placed her in a point of support and enjoyed patiently looking for the balance between the different weights (legs, bottom and head) until finding the most stable position. It is part of the funny play.

You can also find on the market support stand for toddlers that can be very useful but that I personally do not like to use.


Vivien Leigh wears 6-9 months clothing. I am sure that her new owner will enjoy  shopping clothing and accesories for her.


100% Afro curly  human hair  and afro silk mohair in  hairlines and doble sealed . Note that afro human hair is much thicker and rebellious in its curvatures than mohair so when I root afro heads, the needles used are thicker than the 46 gauge that I normally use. You can  comb and style her  but I always recommend care her hair and specially her hairlines.

Upper and lower eyelashes: Silk mohair

Eyebrows: hand painted

EYES: Mouth Blown Lauscha Green Glass eyes.

Curiosity: Actually, Vivien Leigh had blue eyes but the director of photography and the stylists of "Gone with the wind" turned to light filters and green clothes to change the color of their eyes to make Escarlata O'Hara's eyes green, as the novel explains. Therefore, in this case, the eyes of my little Vivien dedicate a little wink to the unforgettable Escarlata.



Part of Vivien´s wardrobe is inspired by Victorian fashion (1850-1865). Eva María Bernal has been the designer and the tailor of her adorable wardrobe. Along documenting process, we verified in numerous photos that some slaves of the epoque are posing wearing quality dresses that they had inherited from their owners.The documentation work has been very interesting, really exciting to immerse myself in the history and fashion of the mid-nineteenth century. 

* All the designs of Eva María Bernal are designed so that Vivien is dressed and undressed by the feet to avoid rubbing with her eyelashes and hair.

1 Custom Dress with Petticoat and Bonnet inspired in prairie victorian style designed by Eva María Bernal

1 Custom  underwear set sleveless shirt, bloomer, corset , crinoline and tie headband inspired in victorian style, designed by Eva María Bernal.

1 Custom nightgown  inspired in victorian style, designed by Eva María Bernal.


1 Victorian style pink floral lace romper and cap + Beige lace tie headband

1 Tartan romper and  rose hairpin.

Receiving shawl

Latidos Reborn Certificate

Latidos Reborn Care Instructions

Prototype COA Nº 4

*NOTE THAT PROPS IN THE PHOTOS ARE NOT INCLUDED -   (OOAK Primitive black cloth doll, little wooden  pram. decoration, wraps, blankets, toys...)

My babies are reborn at the seaside and they all are painted and photographed with natural light. Also coloring and brightness can vary depending on the screen of your personal computer.

This photos have been taken in a variety of natural lighting conditions and different days (from sunny to cloudy) to show the changes  of Vivien´s  skin tones and her volumes. 

*   I always use scent wafers so if you have any type of allergy you must notify to take it off.