PROTOTYPE ELF VENERA  sculpted by Olga Tschenskaja.

I am very pleased to start the new year introducing you my first prototype Elf Venera. A very special sculpt, original and unique created by the talented Olga Tschenskaja.

"Thank you so much dear Olga for this amazing sculpt. I am so honored for your confidence in my reborn work. I have enjoyed from the first moment admiring the elegance and fine features of Venera."

Doll Kit Elf Venera International Dealers:






                                           Skin tone: Ethnic                                                           Tono de piel:Étnico

                                           Weight: 7lb 4oz approx                                                Peso aprox:  3,400 Kg                                                 

                                           Lenght: 26,5´´                                                                 Medida: 68 cm

                                           3/4 legs and Full arms                                                   Piernas 3/4 y Brazos completos

                                           Fabric body                                                                     Cuerpo de tela

                                           Eyes: Bluish green Lauscha German Glass                Ojos Verde azulados de Cristal Alemán Lauscha

                                           Painting: Genesis                                                           Pinturas: Génesis


                                           Natural apperaence manicura                                     Manicura natural

                                           Magnets: 1 forehead +2 ears                                         Imanes: 1 en la frente + 2 en las orejas

                                            Hair: Top Quality Afro Blow Out Human Hair        Pelo: Afro Humano de Máxima calidad

                                             & Afro Silk Mohair                                                        y Mohair seda afro

                                            Eyelashes: silk mohair                                                  Pestañas: mohair seda

                                            Eyebrows: hand painted                                              Cejas : Pintadas a mano

* Please keep in mind that this doll is not a toy. She is not suitable for childrens and has to be handle with care.


Elf  Venera is  painted with Geneis Heat Paints. I opted for a ethnic painting palette and decorated some áreas with minimalist silver motifs that harmonized with the magic beauty of this sculpt.  I apply many layer of different colors to give the skintone depth and realism. I always work for the best and natural result in my ethnic and albino babies. Venera is delicatly painted complexion and every details has been shaded and bright places.The finish is a varnish protection and a texture medium to increase real skin appearence. A complex set of matrices that impresses realism to her skin. Her nostrils have been shaded.


The nails are very accurate painted and shining slightly like real and natural appearance.


Elf Venera has a fabric body. I have weighted with high-quality and non-toxic materials: ultra fine glass beads, polly pellet and premium silicone fiber fill. I only use high quality products to create my babies.


In this case, Venera´s rooting has been contingent upon the needs of the dreadlocks. The dreadlocks hair stylish process has been laborious to print her a savagge note. From the first moment, I tryed to become a mix of the fragility of her features and the strenght of her fabulous nature. And finally, I decided that the dreadlocks could traduce my idea.

For this process, I afortunally  counted with the profesional advice of my hair stylish María Romero, especialized in dreadlocks. (#Mundoderastas)

- Combination of hair textures looking for a realistic dreadlocks result: human hair afro blow out and afro silk mohair. Triple sealed from inside.Note that Human Afro Hair is much thicker and rebellious in its curvatures than mohair so when I root afro heads, the needles used are thicker than the 46 gauge that I normally use.

- The volume of hair used is the necessary to be able to shape the base of the dreadlocks and thus resist the technique required.

- The dreadlocks have been made from the root with a crochet needle and, for a greater embellishment, have been ad hair extensions to provide her a more fabulous and forest image.

Keep in mind that it is not an orthodox rooting because it has been realized and reinforced  to ensure the dreadlocks with the finallity   that the owner can enjoy the fun and sophisticated hairstyles that Venera´s hair offers.


Venera has strong magnets so please keep away from heart pacemakers and electronic equipment. I can remove the magnet if needed.

2 magnet in the ears to decorate with magnetic earrings

1 magnet in middle of the forehead to decorate with magnetic gems


1 Custom Forest Dress & Khaki Green Lace StretchRromper &Green Velvet Hooded Cape design by Doris & Steve Hardwick (Dee´s baby chic prop shop)

1 Custom Faux fur dress &  Brown stretch romper  design by Doris & Steve Hardwick (Dee´s baby chic prop shop)

1 Light grey and Silver Outfit: Short + T-shirt + Fake fur jacket + Leotards +  Leg Warmers

1 Custom Quartz Crown

6 Dreadlock rings decoration

Several boho hair decoration for beautify her cool dreadlocks

1 pair of magnetic earrings

2  magnetic ornaments for the forehead


Latidos Reborn Certificate

Latidos Reborn Care Instructions

*NOTE THAT PROPS IN THE PHOTOS ARE NOT INCLUDED -   (Floral decoration, wraps, fur blanket, tale book...)

My babies are reborn at the seaside and they all are painted and photographed with natural light. Also coloring and brightness can vary depending on the screen of your personal computer.

This photos have been taken in a variety of natural lighting conditions and different days (from sunny to cloudy) to show the changes  of Venera´s  skin tones and her volumes. 

*   I always use scent wafers so if you have any type of allergy you must notify to take it off. Also if you have any problem with magnets.