REBORN BABY SAHARA  from Maizie sculpted by Andrea Arcello

Ltd Ed with COA 330/1100

Skin tone: Afroamerican                                              Tono de piel: Afroamericano

Weight: 9lb  approx                                                       Peso aprox: 4,100 Kg approx                                             

Lenght: 21´´                                                                     Medida: 53 cm

Full arms and Legs                                                        Brazos y piernas completos

Painting: Genesis                                                           Pinturas: Génesis

Hair: Top Quality Afro Human Hair                          Pelo: Pelo Afro Natural de Máxima Calidad

Eyelashes: silk mohair                                                  Pestañas: mohair seda                                         

Magnets: 1 mouth + 2 head                                          Imanes: 1 Boca + 2 Cabeza

Flannel body                                                                   Cuerpo de franela

German Brown Glass Eyes                                           Ojos Marrones de Cristal Alemán

Natural apperaence manicure                                     Manicura natural

Sahara is  painted with Geneis Heat Paints.  I apply many fine layer of paint to give the skintone depth and realism. I always work for the best and natural result in my ethnic babies. Sahara is  delicatly painted complexion with slight mottling, and translucent veins,wet areas...  And every details has been shaded and bright places. A complex set of matrices that impresses realism to her skin. Her nostrils have been shaded.

Painting Effects:

Birth of the two lower teeth of the center


Rooting: Note that Human Afro Hair is much thicker and rebellious in its curvatures than mohair so when I root afro heads, the needles used are thicker than the 46-1 barb I usually use.

Her eyelashes and hairlines are microrooted with light brown mohair and sealed from inside but I recommended comb this area carefully.

Her brows have been hand painted.


  Precious red roses dress , red fur shoes and headband / Exotic animal print dress, diaper cover and headband / Pink and White Sleeping Set: Body, hat and booties / Extra Summer Mameluco and headband/ Gift Surprise/ 2 Magnetic hair ornaments/  Receiving Blanket/ Diaper/ Latidos Reborn Care Instruction/ Latidos Reborn Birth Certificate/ COA 330

*Props, blankets, wraps, bibs, toys you see in the photos are not included.

My babies are reborn at the seaside why they are all painted and photographed with natural light. Coloring and brightness can vary depending on the screen of your personal computer. I took all the photos in a variety of natural lighting conditions to show the changes of the skin tones and volumes in different light intensities of the day.

*   I always use scent wafers so if you have any type of allergy you must notify to take it off. Also if you have any problem with magnets.