FANTASY TODDLER "CARACOLA" from Tiffany sculpted by Susan Lipl


Please keep in mind that my art dolls are not toys. CARACOLA is not suitable for children and has to be handle with care.


Caracola is a sweet redhead girl painted with Genesis Heat Paints. I always work for the best and natural result in my art dolls. My lovely girl is a delicately painted complexion with slight mottling, capillaries, translucent veining, birthmarks, rash, freckles worked on several layers, beauty moles, nevus, nostrils shaded, wet areas...  And every detail has been shaded and bright places. The finish is varnish protection and a texture medium to increase real skin appearance.   A complex set of nuances that print realism to his skin.

Painting Effects:

- Strategic Flaky skin effect hand-painted

- Pinky Hypopigmentation.

- Strategic 3D painted effect congenital pigmented nevus.

- Beauty moles.

- Freckles worked in different layers, sizes, colors, volumes and shapes stage of birth and growth to build 3d illusion.


EYELASHES:  Microrroted & double sealed.

EYEBROWS: 3D hand-painted


Caracola has been weighted with high-quality and non-toxic materials:  glass beads, polly pellet and premium silicone fiber fill. I only use high quality products to create my babies.


*  Cute Ducks Swimwear

*  Cute Ducks Outfit

* Lovely Boutique Summer Dress

* Extra outfit by my election

* Receiving wrap 

* Latidos Reborn Care Instruction

* Latidos Reborn Birth Certificate

*NOTE THAT PROPS IN THE PHOTOS ARE NOT INCLUDED -   (Nest, feathers, decoration, wraps, flowers, dolls, fur blanket, bib, toys...)

My babies are reborn in front of the seaside and they all are painted and photographed with natural light. Coloring and brightness can vary depending on the screen of your personal computer.

These photos have been taken in a variety of natural lighting conditions and different days (from sunny to cloudy) to show Caracola´s skin tones changes and her volumes. 

*   I usually use scent wafers so if you have any type of allergy you must notify to take it off. Also if you have any problem with magnets.

Seashell Fantasy Toddler.   

Mix Media Technique         

Weight: 10 lb approx.

Length: 27´´                                               

Full ball-jointed arms and Legs

Full Female Gender Torso pointed by limbs connectors      Painting: Genesis                                                           

  Hairlines Microrooting: Red-head Curly Mohair

Eyelashes: Microrooting

Eyebrows: hand-painted 

Eyes: Realistic silicon eyes                                              

Natural appearance manicura


Toddler Fantasia Marina

Técnica Mix Media

Peso aprox:  4,5 Kg                                             

Medida: 69 cm

Brazos y Piernas completos unidos con conectores

Torso completo de niña unido por los conectores

Pinturas: Génesis 

Nacimiento del Pelo: Mohair Rizado Pelirrojo

Pestañas: Enraizadas

Cejas: Pintadas 3D

Ojos: Ojos realistas de silicona

Manicura de apariencia natural