AFRICAN PREEMIE REBORN BABY "MELISSA" from Kit Melissa sculpted by Viviane Aleluia 

Ltd Edition - COA 199/800 

SERIE: Embracing the Difference

Please keep in mind that my reborn dolls are not toys so are not suitable for children. Melissa is an unique and unrepeatable piece and has to be handle with care.


MELISSA  is part of my Serie "Embracing the Difference" and has been reborned with BC Heat Set Paints created by Beatriz Clemente and I love the way I can play with my dark african skin tones palletes.

MELISSA ha renacido con BC Heat Set Paints creadas por Beatriz Clemente y me encanta la forma en que puedo jugar con mis paletas de tonos de piel africanos oscuros.

 I apply many fine layers of paint to give the skin tone depth and realism. I always work for the best and the most natural result in my African tribe babies. Melissa has a delicatly painted complexion with slight mottling, veins, birthmarks, cute moles, tiny nevus, flaky skin, rash, wet areas, shaded nostrils ... And every detail has been shaded and bright places.  The final coat is a varnish protection and a texture medium to increase real skin appearance. A complex set of nuances that print realism to her skin.

Skin Disease: Vitiligo

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease where the body's immune system attacks and destroys melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin and hair color. White or light areas called macules or patches appear on the skin and also can appera on the scalp.


Poliosis is a condition characterized by the loss of pigment in the hair, specifically in the eyebrows, eyelashes, or scalp where you can locate whitening patches hair.

3D Painting Effects:

- Tiny nevus & beauty moles

- Flaky skin: limbs, feet, hands and face

- Congenital Sucking Blister in a finger hand caused by the vigorous sucking in the womb. I recreated a tiny pus-filled bump.

- Rash & Pustular melanosis a rash with pus-filled pimples that is very commom among black infants

- Milia


Melissa has 1  magnet in the mouth for magnetic pacifier so please keep away from heart pacemakers and electronic equipment. 


Cute gown in vintage style

Extra outfit by my election


Receiving blanket



Latidos Reborn Care Instruction

Latidos Reborn Birth Certificate

COA  199/800

*Props, blankets, wraps,  tipi, toys... you see in the photos are not included.


For the shoot sessions I went for extremes: a simple tribal prop that didn't overshadow the cute singularity of her skin and an off-white setwith a classic, vintage white gown to emphasize her purity.

My babies are reborn at the seaside and they all are painted and photographed with natural light. Coloring wraps and props  can project different nuances in the skin tone but this is the idea: to show to my clients how  my skin tone adapt to the different lighting and colors.   Also coloring and brightness can vary depending on the screen of your personal computer. Even my own shape can project shadows when I shoot her very close photos.

This photos have been taken in a variety of natural lighting conditions and different days to show the changes on Melissa´s  skin tone and her volumes. 

Ethnicity: African

Skin Disease: Vitiligo


Weight: about  4lb 1oz                                                                           

Lenght: 18´´


Full arms and Legs 

Non gender Tummy Plate


Painting: BC Heat Set Paints


Hair: Top-quality curly mohair. Her newborn pattern combines mono-rooting & micro-rooting and hand painted hairlines

Lauscha Glass Eyes

Hand Painted Eyebrows

Eyelashes: Curly silk mohair       


Magnets: 1 mouth 



Etnia: Africana

Enfermedad cutánea: Vitíligo

Peso aprox:  1,850 Kg

Medida: 45-46 cm

Brazos y piernas completos 

Placa Delantera sin género:.

Pinturas: BC Heat Set Paints

Pelo: Mohair rizado de la más alta calidad. El patrón de enraizamiento combina mono-rooting & micro-rooting & nacimiento del pelo pintado a mano

Ojos de Cristal alemán lauscha

Cejas pintadas a mano

Pestañas: Enraizadas con  silk mohair

Imanes: 1 Boca