from Gianna & Giulia sculpted by Vicenzina Care  / Truborn Certificate

Serie: Embracing the difference

Please keep in mind that Azúcar & Canela are not a toys. My art dolls are not suitable for childs and have to be handle with care.

Collectors and artists who follow my work know I create each year an unique piece every year that is part of my Serie: "Embracing the Difference".
This time the inspiration has come from the beautiful kit "Gianna and Giulia" sculpted by Vincenzina Care.

Working on this precious sculpture was much more than just giving life to these delicate girls together. It has been a slow and complex technical exercise in which my chromatic palettes have shouted at each other until they understood each other in whispers in the contrasts of undertones and skin tones.
My two hands unite by a brush with the only premise of getting the colors to transcend towards unity. To symbolize in their skins the minimum expression of the richness that the world and its differences offer us.


Las coleccionistas y artistas reborn que siguen mi trabajo saben que cada año realizo una pieza especial que forma parte de mi Serie: "Abrazando la Diferencia".

En esta ocasión la inspiración ha llegado de la mano del bellísimo kit "Gianna y Giulia" esculpido por Vincenzina Care.


Trabajar esta preciosa escultura ha sido mucho más que el de dar vida a estas delicadas niñas unidas. Me ha supuesto un ejercicio técnico lento y complejo en el que mis paletas cromáticas se han gritado a voces hasta entenderse en susurros en los contrastes subtonos y tonos.

Mis dos manos unidas por un pincel con la única premisa de conseguir que los colores transitasen hacia la unidad para simbolizar en sus dos pieles, una mínima expresión de la riqueza que nos ofrece el mundo y sus diferencias.




Azúcar & Canela are my very special siamese babies painted with Genesis Heat Paints. I always work for the best and natural result in my  babies. My tender girls are a delicately painted complexion with slight mottling, capillaries, translucent veining, birthmarks, rash, capillaries, beauty moles & congenital melanocytyc nevus skin effect, wet areas...  And every details has been shaded and bright places. The finish is varnish protection and a texture medium to increase real skin appearance.   A complex set of nuances that print realism to her skin. Their nostrils have been shaded.

SERIE EMBRACING THE DIFFERENCE: Diprosopus Cojoined Twins (Cranio- facial Duplication)

Painting Effects:

- Congenital Melanocytyc Nevus

- Beauty Moles


HAIR &EYELASHES: Combine mono rooting and microrooting- Susan Nagel Mohair

Canelas hair: Poliosis Effect

EYEBROWS: hand-painted


Azúcar & Canela were weighted with high-quality and non-toxic materials:  polly pellet and premium silicone fiberfill. I only use high-quality products to create my babies.


Strong magnets in the mouth for magnetic pacifier so please keep away from heart pacemakers and electronic equipment. I can remove the magnet if needed.



* Cute Boutique Pajama

* Amazing Take-me-home Gown & Headband

* 2  Magnetic Pacifiers

* Diaper

* Receiving Spanish Shawl 

* Latidos Reborn Care Instruction

* Latidos Reborn Birth Certificate

* Truborn Certificate

*NOTE THAT PROPS IN THE PHOTOS ARE NOT INCLUDED -   (Nest, decoration, wraps, leaves, toys...)

My babies are reborn in front of the sea and they all are painted and photographed with natural light. Coloring wraps and props can project different nuances in the skin tone but this is the idea: to show to my clients how my skin tone adapt to the different lighting and colors. Also, coloring and brightness can vary depending on the screen of your personal computer.

These photos have been taken in a variety of natural lighting conditions and different days (from sunny to cloudy) to show the changes of  Azúcar & Canela skin tones and their volumes. 

*   I always use scent wafers so if you have any type of allergy you need notify to take it off. Also if you have any problem with magnets.

Skin Effect: Congenital Melanocytyc Nevus

Canela´s scalp: Congenital Melanocytyc Nevus

Canela´s hair: Poliosis

Weight: 6lb approx.                                                                  Lenght: 20"                                                 

Full arms and Legs

Suede Cloth body

Gender Female Full Torso is an extra piece which does not belongs to the original kit. I used the torso for testing skin tones. The torso is NOT includes but if you wish it I can add it like a gift.


Painting: Genesis

Hair & Eyelashes: Susan Nagel Mohair

Eyebrows: hand-painted 

Canela´s eyes: german glass

Magnets: 1 mouth

Natural appearance manicura   


Efecto en la piel: Nevus Melanocítico

Cuero cabelludo de Canela: Nevus Melanocítico

Pelo de Canela: Poliosis

Peso aprox:   2,7 Kg                                                 

Medida: 50 cm

Brazos y Piernas completos

Cuerpo de tela

Torso sexado niña es una pieza que no pertenece al kit original y que he usado de prueba para testar los tonos de piel. Rl torso NO está incluido pero si lo deseas puedo añadirlo como regalo.

Pinturas: Génesis                                                                          Pelo & Pestañas: Susan nagel Mohair

Cejas: pintadas

Ojos de Canela: cristal alemán

Imanes: 1 Boca

Manicura de apariencia natural